Our goal is to provide a full-spectrum of services to help you make informed business and legal decisions in Latin America. We are equipped to provide services across a variety of stages of the business lifecycle including prior to, during, and after business relationships.

Risk Advisory Services

It goes without saying that Latin America has a complex "risk terrain." Our services can help you navigate it by providing strategic intelligence that helps you understand and mitigate risks to your business or even leverage risk into opportunity. Our risk advisory services engagements typically include such matters as:

- Due Diligence Investigations - particularly where these focus on identifying reputational risks or risks related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) or UK Bribery Act.
- Litigation/Arbitration Support Investigations (including white collar criminal defense matters).
- Internal Investigations
- Asset Tracing Investigations.
- Business Intelligence Investigations.
- Political Risk Assessments.

Forensic Services

Our forensic services umbrella includes a number of both reactive and proactive responses for when "things go wrong" in the course of business that can be critical in a region like Latin America. Our engagements in this area include such matters as:

- Fraud Examinations (Investigations).
- Fraud Risk Assessments.
- Forensic Accounting Engagements (these can include a variety of aspects such as tracing funds).
- Compliance Reviews.
- Internal Control Reviews

Litigation Support and Project Management Services

Latin America can have a very convoluted legal landscape, particularly for those viewing the region from the outside. Our litigation support and project management services are aimed at providing advice, support, and peace of mind with a comprehensive set of services in areas spanning civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, and labor law. Our engagements in this area vary significantly but include such matters as:

- Providing investigative, intelligence and consulting services for clients in civil, criminal, administrative and labor proceedings.
- Review, management and advice for structuring of transactions (e.g. real estate or business acquisitions).
- Advising clients on regulatory compliance and the creation and implementation of compliance and training programs.