Our extensive experience in volatile regions has been field-tested on countless engagements. Below we provide examples of just a few representative past matters.

Strategic Due Diligence in an African country

On behalf of an international investment bank, ARC investigated the operations of a Russian state-owned entity (SOE) in the extractives sector in Southern Africa.

We uncovered sanctions violations, ties with local intelligence, abusive labor practices, and corruption. Our work allowed the client to make an informed investment decision.

Geopolitical Risk and Strategic Diligence in Latin America

On behalf of an international bank considering a partnership with a Central American bank, we conducted an extensive HUMINT investigation across two countries. We provided strategic insights into geopolitical risks affecting the key players in both countries. 

We uncovered extensive allegations of  corruption and details of complex money laundering schemes. Months after our investigation, the US DOJ charged the bank in question with criminal offenses related to money laundering. 

Asset Tracing in West Africa

On behalf of an international law firm, ARC conducted a months-long OSINT and HUMINT investigation tracing the assets of several state-owned entities in West Africa.

Our work disclosed millions of dollars of assets held by related entities. The client was able to leverage this intelligence to obtain seizure orders in various courts. 

Due Diligence in Northern Africa

For an international investor in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, ARC conducted an investigation into an investment target based in Northern Africa and operating internationally. 

Our work disclosed regulatory violations in the target firm's overseas operations; allegations of criminal conduct and open litigation in the firm's home country; and, allegations of involvement in a major international corruption scandal in a Middle Eastern country by the firm's overseas subsidiary. The client ultimately declined to proceed with the transaction.

Strategic Intelligence in Latin America

For an international defense sector firm, ARC gathered HUMINT on a competitor's bid to merge with a Latin American, publicly-held defense sector firm. 

We mapped key players' interests and sourced intelligence from high-ranking sources. Our insights on constraints for the deal allowed the client to formulate a competitive strategy.

Pre-Investment Due Diligence in Latin America and Europe

For an international investment firm, ARC conducted pre-investment due diligence in four countries across Latin America and Europe. Our investigation involved an international team and over 20 interviews with sources as well as field investigations in public records repositories.

We provided extensive context and risk analysis of findings including on the likelihood of future regulatory and litigation risks in certain jurisdictions. Armed with our intelligence, the client structured their multi-million-dollar transaction to minimize risks.